New Year, New Beginnings

Last year was memorable for many reasons. By far, the event that most will remember is also the most tragic; the passing of our beloved Sir Mendes. He was a great father figure to us all here at SMSS. His passing was sudden and unexpected but the Lord knows the reason why he takes someone who is much loved away from us and we must trust in God always.

We were also sad to see the departure of Sir Richards, the IT and Maths teacher. He will be missed by all of us.

However the rest of the year saw great achievements from SMSS. It was a proud moment to watch 42 our fifth form students graduate. It was also the first time the Sir Mendes Memorial Award for Creative Arts was given.

We attained second place at the Secondary Schools Creole Choral speech competition held during the 2014 Independence season. This was a first for the schools in Dominica and we are proud that SMSS emerged victorious thanks to the efforts of our students and our teachers, Mrs. Davis, Miss John, Mrs Lauture and Mrs. Lee.

St Martin Secondary School was the overall winner for the second time since the annual competition Sagicor Visionaries Challenge began in 2013. The Competition focuses on students use of STEM which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The competition was open to all schools from various Caribbean countries. They were to develop or improve ideas which could help their schools or communities. The students Team Techno-Gardeners won the competition which focused on hydroponics.

We also won the award best plan and design (Techno-Gardners), and most sustainable for Caribbean communities (Raino-Draino) which was a community drainage project. The Paper-Gator received special mention.

Yes, it was a year of firsts and we give thanks to almighty God for these and all his benefits for the past year and we look forward to have another blessed year at SMSS!