Registration Form 2020

In keeping with the new age of technology and as a result of social distancing in this time of crisis, the St. Martin Secondary school has taken the initiative to make online registration possible.


Below is the list of new students who are expected to enroll in the school this year.  

  • Africa Nediva I
  • Alfred Kesher Blondy
  • Andre Akeelah Rachel
  • Anthony Shikira Nadi Joan
  • Austrie Amisha A
  • Burgins Christalyn
  • Cater Thalia A. S.
  • Eugene Darvina  Allyna
  • Fontaine Kyla Miah Destiny
  • Graham Natania Natalia
  • Henry Kaylyn Kezia
  • Hiliare Amaini Lerona
  • Hill Kimberly
  • Jno Lewis Adriane Miley
  • Jacob Jenai Gabriella
  • Joseph Tiyanna Rossie
  • Lance Kira
  • Laurent Anchelle Debbie 
  • Lockhart Tyesha Kaylee
  • Phillip Channah Eugenia
  • Prince Kimara Tarra Kerisssa
  • Registe Laurel Ferlisha
  • Registe,Tekayla Keyanna Nicole
  • Remie Rianne Akayla
  • Roudette Shernice
  • Royer Keyra Ackaner
  • Sandy Trudy Tanya
  • Simon Brinna H
  • Spott Dayna 
  • Stewart Daniella S
  • Volney Samarah. S.
  • Williams Rosell Jannika
  • Williams Vernelle Sherleyn



Click here to complete the application form.


Guardians are encouraged to use the above form for online registration. However, persons who are unable may visit the school’s office for in-person registration. Upon arrival, please adhere to the Ministry of Health’s protocols of social distancing, that is, wearing of face masks and proper hand sanitization.



Important dates:

Friday 31st July– Deadline for registration

Wednesday 5th August– Brief meeting at the school for parents/ guardians and students at 10am

Wednesday 5th August- Finalizing payments