School Fee Information

Please note on August 5th 2020 bring along the below information/items, as it is essential for the completion of the registration process.


  •      $800.00
  •      National Birth Certificate
  •      ONE (1) RECENT passport-size photo
  •      EMIS ID (printed on primary school’s report)


A general break down of the first year’s fee:


Registration                 43.00 (non-refundable)

Annual contribution  525.00

School tie                      57.00

Sports pants                 55.00

Sports shirt                    45.00

Religion Text                 25.00

Bible                               30.00

Hymnal (MOC)              20.00          



The least amount of money which can be paid is $450.00 (includes year fee).

If student already has items like tie, bible, hymnal etc,then the amount is different after subtraction.