Students' Prayer

The Students' prayer is prayed ever morning at assembly:
Jesus, lover of students, Deliver us from selfishness and jealousy Deliver us from laziness and the fear of making sacrifices, Deliver us from blindness towards the needs of our neighbours. Give us the courage to work, to search for truth, to overcome our ignorance, to develop ourselves in body, mind and soul. Bless our schools and everyone in them. Mary immaculate, Queen of the Apostles, pray for us.

St. Martin School Song

Hark the trumpet sounding Calling long and loud Every heart is bounding In the Surging crowd Hear the tramp of thousands Far as eye can see Like a river onwards Flowing to the sea Girls press onward boldly Never look behind Honour lies before you All you hope to find Girls the day is dawning For the brave of heart Let it find you ready For a noble start
CHORUS: Girls must be their nation's pride Pressing onwards side by side Enter duty's portals wide As they march along Labour on and see it through Loyal hearts know what to do Everyone to duty true March on, march on, march on