Guidelines for Graduation

The concept graduation is defined as the satisfactory completion of the school's programme of study. This includes satisfactory performance in: Academics Conduct and Deportment School and Public Spirit Academic Requirements - Students must pass at least four (4) subjects as a minimum academic standard in Fourth and Fifth Form. Schools shall set criteria to award certificates indicating various levels of academic performance (honours, distinction, merit or pass). For example four subjects including English Language and Mathematics could be a condition to obtaining honours or level one diploma. In order to be considered for graduation, students must complete the following minimum periods of instruction at a secondary school.

Language Arts 5 years (F1-F5)
Mathematics 5 years (F1-F5)
A science 5 years (F1-F5) e.g. Integrated Science, Human  & Social Biology
A social science 5 years (F1-F5) e.g. Social Studies, History
Geography, HFLE 5 years (F1-F5)
Visual & Performing Arts 3 years (e.g. Music, Drama, Art, Dance)
PE and SPorts 5 years
A Foreign Language 3 years
Technical/Vocational 3 years

Academic Achievement: Maximum total 45 points

Performance Points Accumulated
Three (3) or more A's 45 points
Two (2) A's 40 points
One (1) A 35 points
B's only 30points
B's and C's only 25 points
Scores below C's 15 points

Key for scores (Academic requirement)

Score Band Grade
85-100 A
70-84 B
55-65 C
45-54 D
Below 40 E

*Students performance will be based on results for a two year period Conduct and Deportment: Maximum Total 35 Points Students who have not violated any of the rules pertinent to conduct and deportment will carry the full 35 points which will contribute to their overall score. Whenever an infringement occurs during the child's 4th and 5th form years, points will be deducted as appropriate. Points system for Conduct and Deportment

Behaviour Point To Be Deducted
Detention 5 points
Suspension (1-4) days 10 points
Suspension (5-10) days 15 points
Punctuality less than 90% 5 points
Regularity less than 90% 5 points

Key for scores (conduct and deportment)

Grade Points Accumulated (Retained)
A 30-35 points
B 25-29 points
C 20-24 points
D 10-19 points
E Below 10 points

School and Public Spirit: Maximum 20 points This category will be assessed by evidence of sustained service to the school and community during the student's secondary school life.

  • Points are awarded for student participation in co-curricular activities (Co-curricular Activities as defined by Secondary School Achievement Records).

Point system for Co-curricular activities (Maximum 5 points)

Activity Points
Participation in three or more co-curricular activities 5 points
Participation in two CO-curricular activities 2 points
Participation in one co-curricular activity 1 point
  • Points are awarded for students' level of assistance in regular school activities

Points system for school spirit (Maximum 5 points)

Activity Points
Always assists the school 5 points
Sometimes assists the school 3 points
Never assists the school 0 points
  • Points are awarded for students' participation in community related initiatives

Points system for Community Service Involvement (Maximum 10 points)

Activity Points
1-10 hours community service 5 points
11-19 hours community service 8 points
20 hours and above 10 points

Key for Scores (school and Public Spirit)

Points Awarded Grade
18 and above A
14-17 B
10-13 C
6-9 D
1-5 E

A student would satisfactorily complete the requirement if he/she amasses the following minimum scores per category:

  • Academic:
25 points
  • Conduct and deportment:
20 points
  • School and public spirit:
10 points

Students accumulating a minimum total of 35 points would have met the requirement for graduation. Academic grades and levels of certification (For all graduating students)

Performance Award
4 subject passes Pass
5 subject passes including Math or English (with at least one A's) Merit
6 subject passes including Math and English (with at least two A's) Distinction
7 subject passes including Math and English (with at least three A's) Honours

Graduation Criteria 

Guidelines for determining student's successful completion of the school's programme

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