About SMSS

Brief History of the School In 1857 (exact date unknown), an English community of religious sisters of the Faithful Virgins of Norwood in England opened a primary school in Turkey Lane in a one-room building where the stage of the St. Gerald's Hall now stands. The school was name the Convent Day School. The school population grew rapidly and by 1937 had already changed two locations. In August 1937, the Sisters of the Faithful Virgins returned to England and the Missionary Sisters of St. Augustine, now known as the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ICM) took over the management of the chool, which was renamed. Convent Primary School. By October 1947, the school roll was 706 and a new building was needed. The Catholic Church had acquired Park Grounds, on the corner of Virgin Lane and Queen Mary Street/Independence Street. An L-shaped building was erected to provide nine classrooms and on 10 January 1949, the school moved to the Park Grounds, the present location of the St. Martin School. Skills of hat-making and weaving were taught to senior students after school, giving rise to an industrial class. The Convent Industrial School was separated in 1950, from which Tropicrafts Ltd was later formed. In September 1956, a start was made with six students in a post-primary section. By December 20th students in Vocational were pursuing a combination of academic, commercial and home economics subjects. In May 1962, the Convent Primary School adopted St. Martin de Porres as its patron saint and the school was officially named St Martin School. By January 1983, there were three distinct sections: Primary, Junior Secondary (JSP) and Vocational. In 1988, a five-year Technical-Vocational Programme was introduced. In 1991, the Ministry of Education gave secondary school status to the Vocational Section, which was then named St. Martin Secondary School. As the secondary school expanded to a roll beyond 300, the JSP was phased out in 1998.

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